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2019 April Program

Crazy Quilting

Program Teacher: Lisa DuBois

It's time to get a little crazy! Bring in your stash of threads, fabrics, beads, buttons, and more for an adventure in crazy quilting.

Lisa will demonstrate the fundamentals of building a crazy quilt block. She will also have a variety of stitching to inspire your own creation.

After the demonstration, she will show how to utilize the block for a variety of projects.

The size for the demonstration will be 5 x 5 in. This can be sized up to a larger size.


  • Plain paper to plan out block

  • Muslim for the block foundation

  • Variety of fabrics, you can include a stitched piece on canvas or linen within the block

  • Thread for sewing the block together

  • Needles

  • Embroidery threads

  • Buttons

  • Embellishments

  • Hoops or frames

  • Scissors

You can bring in your sewing machine to make the piecing go faster or you can hand piece if you would like.

I'll be bringing in an iron and ironing board to flatten the seams. 

This project is a great stash project.


I've created some simple patterns to inspire you for your crazy quilt block. You can view the PDFs at this link.

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