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2018 February Program

Blackwork Hearts

Program Teacher: Deb Dunn

Blackwork can be fascinating and it is frustrating. During our February program we will journey together in an EGA member only petite project. When successful a blackwork project looks the same from the front as well as the back, so be mindful of your knots.

This blackwork project includes four different patterns plus the border. The patterns are: a linear pattern that is reversible and a mirror image on the reverse, one that is reversible but not identical and two use running and backstitch.

Material List:

  • 9 x 9 inch fabric, preferably 28 or 32 count

  • 32 CT will result in 3 x 3 inch design and 28 ct will result in 3.5 inch design

  • Stranded silk or cotton fiber (or a mixture)

  • Stretcher bars or hoop

  • Needle size is stitcher’s choice

Link to the project:

You will need your member login to access the instructions.

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