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2020 January Program

10 x 10 x 12 Stitch Technique Sewing Notions Book

Pattern from Lisa DuBois

Program Teacher: Lisa DuBois

Sewing Notions Book

Lisa DuBois will be creating the base pattern for Notions Book. The stitching area will be about 10 x 10 inches and the finished size will be 5 x 10 inches. Fabric and threads can be from your stash.

Using a variety of techniques throughout the year we will add a new stitch to the Notions Book each month. The new technique will be shown and featured in this article. Keep checking back every month for the updates.

The featured stitch may be used as a band or put together as a block. The design is up to you.

Lisa has put together an inspiration Pinterest board of embroidery bands. Take a look at the inspirations at:

A template pattern will be provided at our January meeting to our CNY EGA members to help design their own sewing notions book. Each month we will look at different stitching techniques to use.

Please share any special stitches and your progress in the comments sections.

January Stitch - Long Arm Cross Stitch

Work from left to right. Start at bottom left and work the bigger part of the stitch to top right, then bring needle through below at bottom right and work up to top left, which is only halfway to the starting point. Bring needle up below to start next stitch.

February Stitch - Woven Stitch

A great tutorial on the woven stitch is at this link:

March Stitch - Half Rhodes

A variation on rhodes stitch is worked in diagonal rows from the top left to bottom right with stitches interlocking on the row above. The first stitch is worked diagonally over six intersections and the following stitches are worked in an anti clockwise direction until seven have been worked.


April Stitch - Blanket Stitch

Explore the different variations of a blanket stitch at this link:

May Stitch - Queen Stitch

Here's a link to an excellent article about the Queen Stitch:

There is a great illustration on how to utilize this stitch to create images.

June Stitch - Half Rhodes

An illustration on how to complete a Half Rhodes:

You can make a variation by adding a small stitch across the center. This is referenced as a Half Rhodes with Bar.

July Stitch - Crown Stitch

See how you can utilize a variation of the Crown Stitch in the piece:

August Stitch - Beaded Braid Stitch

Wonderful images accompany the steps to create this beautiful braid stitch with beads:

You can even leave out the beads for a different variation.

September Stitch - Byzantine

Let's get busy with Byzantine! At this link find different variations of this stitch:

October Stitch - Leaf

This stitch could be used to showcase our autumn season. From this link you can connect to #whimsicalwednesday Pintrest board to view other possible stitches:

November Stitch - Blackwork

Take the traditional approach and use one colormake sure the back is the same as front. Use the patterns on this page and mix up the colors:

No one needs to see the back.

December Stitch - Darning

In this lesson, learn how to utilize the Darning Stitch to create a wonderful patterned band:

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