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2017 March and April Program

15-Sided Biscornu

Instructions and Finishing by Kathrin Ellison

Blackwork, beading and biscornu, oh my! Learn the the techniques of creating and finishing a 15-sided biscornu. 

Approximate finished length: depends on fabric count

Materials list from Kathrin's blog:

  • Zweigart's 28ct Cashel Linen, Summer Khaki

  • Gatherer's SNC 273 Faded Memories​

  • DMC #370

  • DMC #3740

  • Beads: Mill Hill 02080 ​

  • Scissors

  • Needles

  • Sewing thread to close

  • Filler for the biscornu

Supplementary Information:

The March program will be lead by Fran O'Donnell, she will be instructing how to create a 15-sided biscornu with blackwork designs. This could be a stash project but a list of materials has been provided.

Please print your own instructions. There will be a few project print outs available at the March's meetings but not enough for everyone. 

Please use the links directly to the blog post to print the instructions or as a reference while completing this project.

The April meeting will be showcase the technique of finishing the biscornu.

15-sided Biscornu Overview »

15-sided Biscornu Part 1 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 2 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 3 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 4 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 5 and 6 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 7 and 8 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 9 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 10 and 11 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 12 and 13 »

15-sided Biscornu Part 14 and 15 »

15-sided Biscornu Finishing »

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