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2016 September Program

Holly Wreath by

Program Teacher: Susan Kaplan

Celebrate the holidays early with a Holly Wreath bracelet created with peyote beading technique. Finish for the holidays! 

Approximate finished length: 7.5 inches

Materials list:

  • 10 grams - Size 11 Inside Color Lined Crystal/Light Yellow Delica Beads - DB0910 (11DB0910)

  • 4 grams - Size 11 Inside Color Lined Rainbow Green Tea Delica Beads - DB1786 (11DB1786)

  • 4 grams - Size 11 Matte Opaque Avocado Green Delica Beads - DB1585 (11DB1585)

  • 1 gram - Size 11 Opaque Red Delica Beads - DB0723 (11DB0723)

  • 3 - 6mm Light Siam Swarovski Elements Crystal Round Beads (06RD0110)

  • 1 - Crystal Clear FireLine Braided Bead Thread .008 diameter, 6 lb/Size D (SM4429)

  • Scissors

    • Size 12 Pony Beading Needles (TL2382)

    • Perfect End Thread Burner (TL1006)

    • Beading Techniques needed to complete the bracelet:

    • Flat Peyote Stitch – Two Drop

    • Perfect End Thread Burner

Supplementary Information:

Peyote rows are staggered, generally working from the bottom of the chart to the top. 

Start with a yard-length of beading thread. As you begin to add beads, maintain about a 6-8” tail.

The text directions, which begin on page 4 of the pdf file, have you begin on the left side and work across the first two rows L to R.  It’s a little misleading to call this Row 1, because it becomes Rows 1 and 2 as soon as you add the next row! 

The next row (the directions call this Row 2, but in actuality it’s the third row!) goes R to L; the process is to add two beads (which will sit on top of the first two) and then pass your needle through the next two beads, repeating across the row as you follow the chart or the text directions to determine what beads to add. Then move to the next row and work L to R, and so on. 

It will probably help to mark each row on the chart as you complete it; it may also be helpful to mark each bead or each pair of beadswith a highlighter as you add them. Do not black them out, because you will need to be able to see the correct colors if you make a mistake and have to backtrack.

Remember that the front and back of Peyote beading look the same; pay attention to the chart to be sure you know where you are.  I found the patterns formed by the red beads to be most helpful in keeping myself in the right place.

When your thread gets too short to be comfortable, stop in the middle of a row; take it down on a diagonal about three or four rows, then change direction and go a few rows, then change direction again and go another few rows. Pull the thread fairly tight, and clip the thread close to the bead. To start a new thread, bring it into the beads several rows below where you ended (leaving a tail which you can clip later); change direction a couple of times, and then exit in the appropriate spot to continue with the pattern.  

Continue beading until your bracelet is a comfortable length for your wrist. You may need to do fewer rows than the pattern shows, or you may need to do more rows. We both added rows. One of us continued the pattern, and one of us added some plain background rows at the beginning and end of the bracelet; either way is fine.

When your bracelet is long enough for your wrist, follow the directions in the pdf file beginning at step 2 on page 2 to add the beads and loops for closure.

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