Blanket Stitch Fantasy

One-Day Class - Saturday

Teacher: Carol Lynn Stratton

Technique: Stitch Exploration and Design

Level: All Levels

Size: 6" x 6" 

Cost: $25

How well do you really know blanket stitches? Review old and try new uses of these versatile stitches, work with variations and threads that you’ve always wanted to try. Step a little outside your comfort zone in a safe environment. Finally, make old-fashioned buttons with newfangled threads! Consider this a cross between crazy quilting, embellishing, and just a sampler of useful stitches.

Students will have a basic color choice for the ground with several options of threads. Colors include the following colorways: green, blue, violet, pink, and yellow.

Kit Includes:

  • Ground fabric in a choice of colors

  • Variety of threads including

    • Perle cotton

    • Trebizond silk

    • Rayon

    • Fyre works

    • Floche

    • Neon Rays

    • Sparkle Rays

    • Satin

    • Razzle

    • Dazzle

    • Eleganza

    • Memory Thread and more

  • Needles

  • Directions

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